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Mission:  Healing Through Art 

Goal: is to educate, entertain, empower and encourage you to break the cycle and find your voice

877-785-2020  24 hour hotline

Elizabeth Stone house
Roxbury Ma.
Support Groups call
Roxanne Charles 617-409-5403
Groups in Spanish call
India Arroyo 617-409-5400

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project
955 Mass Ave PMB 131
Cambridge, Ma. 02139
617-354-6056 office
800-832-1901 24 hour support

of a domestic violent relationship

leaving can be a dangerous time, batterers can become upset and more dangerous, creating a safety plan can be a valuable tool.

  • choose a safe place to go
  • choose people who you trust and who can help you if you leave
  • leave money, extra keys, copies of important documents and clothes with someone you trust
  • purchase a calling card or get a 9-1-1 phone from a local women's shelter.
  • memorize emergency phone numbers or keep them on a small card in a safe place
  • practice getting out of your home safely
  • avoid altercations in rooms with no exits
  • teach children not to get in the middle of a fight
  • teach children how and when they should call 9-1-1
  • teach children a safe place to go during a violent incident
  • keep copies of restraining/protective orders and keep them with you all times
  • if you move to another town or state, remember the protective order is still valid.  it is a good idea to register the order with the new police department including a photo if possible
  • it is easy for abusers to track you identity on your computer; try using public computers, change passwords and clear your browsing history always. 
  • for help putting safety plans in place consult an advocate from your local domestic violence program
  • for emotional support find someone you can talk to freely and openly; joining a support group at you local domestic violence program..

   How Can I Help You

   A letter to all the victims of domestic violence 
   Who have not yet found their way out 

   Dear Baby girl/Lovely Lady 

   I apologize 
   I did not realize 
   supporting you  
   created a mirror image  
   of how he abuses you

   to help you was not meant to  
   Control you, to  
   Isolate you 
   Every time I suggest
   You leave 

   I was not trying to intimidate you  
   with police and DCF involvement 
   the removal of your children  
   from an unsafe home. 
   is not meant to be a threat 

   I am afraid 
   I will never see you again 
   I am afraid 
   the next time you walk through my door 
   there would be more black and blues 
   I am afraid 
   those call from the hospital  
   Busted lip 
   Broken arm  
   Fractured ribs 
   Broken leg 
   Jaw wired shut 

   Was it really an accident? 
   Did you really fall down the stairs? 
   Did you really walk into the door?  

   I am afraid  
   you will not go 
   you will not leave 
   you believe love can change him 
   you believe his sorries 

   he convinces you  
   it will not happen again 


   abuse is the choice of the abuser 

   I am afraid your abuser will land   
   The police at my door 
   Is she DEAD? 
   Is he DEAD? 
   Someone is DEAD?

   I apologize… I’ve broken down your confidence 
   I apologize… I’ve been dictating what you should do 
   I apologize 

   I apologize  
   all I want to do is help you. 

   I want you to know  
   I am here when you are ready to let go… 
   I am here when you are ready to be free

   I will learn to listen 
   Hear you  
   I may not get it BUT  
   I will be your safety net 
   I will be that place you can go  
   I will hold on to your most precious memories 
   I will be the keeper of your identity 
                Whatever you need to pack up  
                leave here 
                for the day  
                you set yourself free 
   I will be the keeper of your confidence ---     

   reminding you 

   You are BEAUTIFUL 
   You are STRONG 
   You are COURAGEOUS 
   You are only HUMAN 
   You are not ALONE 

   I love you 
   I welcome you home 

   A message from family and friends who forget helping 

   is not about what we want
   but about what the other person needs… 
   Tell me what else I can do to help you help yourself. 

Important documents:
for self and children

social security cards
birth certificates
marriage certificate, divorce papers including custody and will
car title and registration
health insurance and medical cad
lease, rental agreement, house deed
homeowner/renters insurance
journal of abusive behavior

abusers personal info --- social security info, date of birth, employer info

CASA Myrna 
P.O. box 180019
Boston, Ma. 02118

P.O. Box 555
Somerville, Ma. 02143
617-625-5996 office
617-623-5900  24 hour hotline

Sojourner House
386 smith street 
Providence, RI 02908


Safety Plan Host Agencies

A New Day                                       Brockton Ma                                              508-588-2045

Greater Boston Legal Services     Cambridge, Ma.                                       617-603-1803

New Hope Inc.                                   Attleboro, Ma                                           508-226-4015

South Shore Women's Resource Center Plymouth, Ma.                                         508-746-2664