Blue Rose

Mission:  Healing Through Art 

Goal: is to educate, entertain, empower and encourage you to break the cycle and find your voice

By Toni Rose

Do you know what it is to be afraid...

You senses become hyper vigilante

A loud scream
A thousand hands
A stench of vomit and urine
Cascaded with shadows
Vile acid burning
Scorching any possible release
Your life drains from your body

Do you know what is feel to be in terror…

Your senses become hyper vigilante

The quietest sound
a loud scream
only you can hear.
The gentlest touch
one of a thousand hands
pounding against your flesh

The smells of home cooked meals
a stench of vomit and urine fills
your nasal passage

The sight of beauty
cascaded with shadows
reaching out to get you.

The sweet taste of candy
turns to vile acid
burning your throat

Scorching any possible
release of sound.

To close your eyes
Flashes of images
A puzzle of past trauma

The sounds bore through your
Head like a jack hammer on over load
Sweet gestures go unheard

The touch of your skin cold, wet, clammy
As the sweat consumes your heat
Loving touches go unfelt

The smells of his must cramp you stomach with
Memories of deep penetration
The smell of summer violates your senses

The sight of darkness allows you to
Escape the visions of his vile face
As puzzle pieces merge together

The taste of him blood oozes from your lips
as you bite Down
drowning out the cries of joyous music
Bitter taste

Your senses hyper vigilante
The quietest sound
The gentlest touch
The smells of home cooked meals
The sight of beauty
The sweet taste of candy

To close your eyes
As you gasp for breathe
Puzzle pieces fit together
As you build on life without fear