The Blue Rose

Mission:  Healing Through Art 

Goal: is to educate, entertain, empower and encourage you to break the silence and find your voice

The perpetrators can be parents, grandparents, defacto or step-partners, older brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, neighbors, teachers, childcare workers, babysitters or leaders in organizations such as sporting clubs and churches..

Nameless, prostitute, whore

Victim of sexual abuse, Victim of the streets.

 year old girl being touched by the family friend

11 year old girl being touched by the boy down stairs

12 year old boy being touched by male cousins

 12 year old boy being touched by the female next door neighbor, cracked out mother had no clue

13 year old girls being touched by male cousins, hands placed around hard wet dicks

14 year old boy touched by a monster


15 year old girl raped by her step father, every single day.

17 year old girl nearly raped --- at knife point by a man---she’d met before

19 year old girl raped at a fraternity while being a conscientious -- the designated driver

 19 year old girl raped by her boyfriend while his mother slept down the hall.

25 year old woman raped by her husband after --- He broke in to their once family home. 


The cycle starts but never ends

Until one person breaks the silence

And the story begins


Touched-- Multiple times by many different

males, friends, family and lovers....

  • The perpetrator ensures secrecy by isolating the child, threatening harm or death to the child or someone the child loves.
  • The perpetrator tells the child no one will believe them (which is often true - no one listens)
  • The child will be called a liar or punished
  • The child may be bribed or feel like they are prostituting themselves

It is only the abuser that values your silence.

"this is our special secret"

"this is how a father/mother loves their son/daughter"

."mom/dad will be mate at you if you tell"

The PERPETRATOR is often someone who is very important to the child. .