Blue Rose

Mission:  Healing Through Art 

Goal: is to educate, entertain, empower and encourage you to break the cycle and find your voice

Finding Your Voice Writing Workshop enhances the support group model where we use poetry to spark the touch conversations.  To encourage and empower others to break their silence and find their voice.  This workshop is to show victims they are not alone.  The finding Your Voice Workshop does not replace talk therapy, but allows a different forum around peer support.  Dates and times will be determined based on the number of interested parties. 

Workshop will run for six (6) weeks for $150.00.  For additional pricing please contact Toni Rose 857-220-7193. 

You will be contacted to fill out a registration form with date, time, location of writing workshop and payment link

Guest Speaker Services - Consists of a monologue or mini showcase, using poetry and other forms of art to speak out about the taboos of traumas of violence, and how that can impact ones mental health and behavior.  

Our goal is to educate, empower and encourage others to heal through art. 

Fees to be discussed

The Amazing WoMen Poetry-Artist Showcase Is a community event held in April in honor of National Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse Awareness Month and in October in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   The Amazing WoMen Artist/Poetry Showcase is a storyboard of artist whose mission is healing through art.  Both Victims and Supporters men and women share their art to educate, entertain, empower and encourage other to break the cycle, open the lines of communication and find their voice. 

Fees to be discussed