Colleen Williams travels world wide speaking to men and women about domestic violence, sexual abuse, suicide and teen dating while empowering them to do better and be better.  Purpose... Passion... Positivity... Persistent ... and Perserverance explains Miss Colleen Williams.

Trouble is a vigilante. She is self-appointed to keenly watch and detect the dangers hidden in the shadows. Do ya know what it is to be afraid? Do ya know what it is to be in terror? Do ya know what it is to be alone and in fear? Trouble does and she shares these fears in her book Hyper-vigilant-e.. Listen to some of her work on Sound cloud. 

Kishana Smith a resident of South Boston. A Domestic Violence/ Partner Abuse advocate.  A survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Her message aims to heighten awareness around the intersections of abuse, incarceration, and codependence, while empowering other survivors, supporters, and allies. 

Toni (Trouble) Rose -   A survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  A survivor of domestic violence - the psychological fight as oppose to the physical.  Family and Friends do not understand her struggle, they do not understand the dysfunction that makes her, who she is!  Healing is about listening to music and watching other dance... releasing is about putting pen to paper.

 Ashley Wonder has been writing poetry for over 15 years.  She uses her life experiences, relationship with God, to help inspire and motivate others to always have hope. She is known to perform with dynamic passion in hopes of positively impacting her audience. 

Her First Book: "Who Feels it Knows It" is filled with poems, short stories, and dedications that she wrote over the years to help process all the negativity that surrounded her. 

His Book: "Trust the Process" is a chapbook of poetry diving into the writing process. Tim Hall shares himself through poems and journal entries that uncover vulnerable moment in his life, and are representations of countless hours of editing, reflecting, and soul searching. 

Her next book "Stop" is about how this woman turned her darkness into light.

Tim Hall is an educator, artist, entrepreneur from Detroit, MI.  He found poetry in college as a way to share his thoughts: He draws inspiration from his lived experiences, charting the nuances of blackness, masculinity and the beauties of life.  You can contact him at  You can also download for free his Spoke word EP

In celebration of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Kishana releases her first book, “Diary of a Codependent,” Giselle Greene, the heroine of this book, explains the parallels and differences of Codependency and Domestic Violence, and how life with these experiences led to a premeditated bank robbery. Codependency, Domestic Violence, and incarceration, these are her chronicles; which will she escape?

Blue Rose

Mission:  Healing Through Art 

Goal: is to educate, entertain, empower and encourage you to break the cycle and find your voice

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Rise is a chapbook of poetry has eleven poems inside, including Biracial, Queens, and a collection of Black Power Haiku.