Blue Rose

Mission:  Healing Through Art 

Goal: is to educate, entertain, empower and encourage you to break the cycle and find your voice

The Blue Rose began as a means of Toni Rose sharing her poetry through various forms of social media.  She wanted others to know they were not alone.  A gentleman asked her one day why was she giving it away? and what was her legacy going to be for her children.  She gained the courage to speak up and speak out. 

Toni Rose: grandmother (Mima), Mother, Daughter, Sister, Lover Poet, and Author from Boston, I am a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, sometimes it is the mental and emotional that hurts more than the physical. Poetry has been instrumental in my personal growth and healing.  My poetry has a strong emphasis on the struggles of life. I paint a picture with words that can be heart-wrenching truths.   I identify myself as visible invisible.  I can be in a crowd and easily forgotten until I speak.  I am humble in not wanting to be seen but heard.  I want to erase the taboo and stigma that goes with discussing trauma and understanding mental health associated with trauma.   Since 2007 I shared my poetry at the Lizard Lounge where I spoke out against those transgressions of sexual abuse and domestic violence.  I empowered Pat Rossi to find her voice.   

Patricia A. Martin-Rossi born in Providence, RI but grew up in the Edgewood section of Cranston, RI; Pat has been writing poetry since she was ten years old.  Pat’s marriage was ending and she was at a loss, her safe space was being invaded, she started writing again and started coming to lizard lounge.  As a result, Pat has been able to reveal “secrets” she has been harboring for most of her life she was molested as a child, by two family members and raped in college!  Her parents passed not knowing the trauma she suffered.  Hearing the poetry from Toni allowed her to breath, the believe and live again. Paying it forward with the birth of the Amazing WoMen Poetry Showcase, her work with Toni Rose on the Blue Rose Poetry Showcase has been enlightening, encouraging and empowering, which is exactly how she, Toni, and their fellow poets hope to leave their audiences!  Her writing is very diverse and sometimes very surprising to the audience! She has a Chapbook available titled My Soul Exposed, A Collection of Poems by Patricia A. Martin-Rossi. Pat Rossi then stalked the next member of the Showcase.

Jenn Krapf, has been a single mother most of her adult life. Jenn survived being a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault at the hands of her husband. Jenn became an accidental poet, when pursued by Blue Rose member Pat Rossi in a Facebook chat room where Jenn was spewing statistics on domestic violence.  Jenn created and read her first poem as part of the Blue Rose Amazing WoMen Poetry Showcase.  From there Jenn embarked as an advocate with the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence and a SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships) member. Soar is a grassroots task force of domestic violence survivors dedicate to lending their voices to change the systems that oppress women, while education the community about the dynamics of domestic violence.  Jenn has performed in “Behind Closed Doors” a play created from real stories of domestic violence, hope and survival.   Jenn is a powerful force to be reckoned with and an amazing grandmother.

Colleen Williams, A Woman with a Purpose, born in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, was a guest speaker at a Survivors Conference. As a young victim of sexual abuse she knew she had to find a way out to tell her story. She was determined to help others in her situation.  She came to Boston with a heartfelt wish to educate individuals of all ages. She carries this mission with a deep message in her heart, after being knocked down so many times in life, Colleen found her way back up stronger than ever.  She let her story be told by putting pen to paper as she wrote her first book “who feels it Knows it,” taking all the negative  situations that she endured in her life and turning it into something positive.  She is not only a writer she is an amazing dancer who interprets words with her body to express an even more profound story with her art.   

The Incredible Christopher Johnson: a Providence resident spoken word artist with over thirteen years teaching experience in the art of Spoken Word. Mr. Johnson teaches it like he tells it making the classroom and stage fun. enlightening, and safe for stories of all kinds.  When Pat Rossi talked to him about the showcase, he was adamant that men should be involved, they too are survivors who have a bigger stigma on them because men are supposed to be strong.  This is why the W and M in the word women is  to emphasize both sexes. 

Arthur Collins a Boston Poet who believes that there is extraordinary power in words and considers his poetry to be socially conscious as well as entertaining. He hopes that his brand of poetry will motivate action, provoke thought, and stimulate the mind of the listener.  Supported Pat Rossi and Toni Rose with their writing and getting the hard stuff down on paper.  He learned from them and choose to participate in the showcase when he good, providing a male voice. 

Kay Anderson started as a junior in high school. She has been writing poetry for two plus years. She started writing because she felt poetry was a way to connect with the world after hearing her mother's (Toni) poetry. For Kay words just flow onto paper where she can connect with those afraid to speak the truth. 

L.U.C.C.I., which stands for Listening, Understanding, Caring, Considering, Inquiring. Has been the primary essential male presence with the Blue Rose, writing and recruiting artists.  His material is cross cultural and thought provoking in attempts to make positive changes in the world one poem at a time. He has featured at several Boston venues and is fully engaged in the local arts community. He is also the creator of the Facebook group "A.W.E. - Art Without Ego". 

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