Maggie Leon is a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter raised in Syracuse, NY; listening to Salsa, Merengue, Hip Hop, R and B, Soul and Gospel music. 

Jo is a Afro-latina genderqueer born in MA and resident of RI. As a very young sexual abuse survivor Jo lost her voice. Many years of self discovery and learning that verbal expression is power, she is now exercising her voice through poetry. A blue rose member was inspiring, encouraging and supportive at a regular open mic she hosts. 

Lyzz Zinn has been writing poetry since childhood but really developed her passion in February 2015 after escaping an abusive relationship. She wrote and performed primarily as an outlet, a way to process emotions and experiences and continues to do so. She is also a composer, pianist, guitarist and singer. 

Tiffany  McKenzie, is a  spoken word artist, discovered her purpose as a child when she fell in love with writing. Her hope is others take from her writing a sense of teaching on how to forgive, love, to speak even when it's most  difficult and to be exactly who you are. Her drive for performing is to reach others by touching hearts and opening minds. Her goal is to let people know they aren't alone. 

Marlon Carey is an accomplished Poet, Educator, Artist, Communicator, and Entertainer. His poetry is funny, poignant, well-crafted and honest. He is a member of Brother’s Keeper Poetry Theater Ensemble, and performs as Inphynit the Ghost in the rap group United Soul Alliance.  

Tim Hall is an educator, artist, and entrepreneur, from Detroit, MI.  Tim Hall draws inspiration from his lived experiences, charting the nuances of blackness, masculinity, and the beauties of life. Tim currently serves as a Resident Director at Berklee College of Music, Society of Urban Poetry (S.O.U.P.) and HipStory record label. He is thankful for every opportunity to share his art and connect with others. 

Daria Smith resides in Blackstone, Ma with her husband  of twenty five years and their two daughters.  Daria currently teaches 2nd Grade  in Milford, Ma. She began writing poetry as young child. She enjoys sharing her words at various Open Mics in the New England area. Daria believes that poetry unites us all. 

Jessica Rameau is a 26 year old performance poet from Worcester, MA. She writes pieces that promote social awareness and her appreciation for cultural diversity. She is passionate about telling the story for the person who may not be able to tell it themselves. Her pieces are a tool of advocacy for women and people of color. She also has many pieces that convey her own spiritual journey and love of God. 

Ashley Wonder has been writing poetry for over 15 years and performing Spoken Word for the past 8 years.  She is a slam poet who has competed in the National Poetry Competition.  She has performed in her hometown of Worcester, throughout Boston, Northampton, Providence, and as far as Maryland. Her chap book Miraculous is now available. She uses her life experiences, relationship with God, to help inspire and motivate others to always have hope. She is known to perform with dynamic passion in hopes of positively impacting her audience. 

Ellen Evans has been writing poetry in the second grade, and then off and on through the ensuing 45 years. Since a breakdown 6 years ago, writing has become a focal point of her new life. It has given her the where-with-all to deal with a lifetime of abuse that led to the breakdown. 

Alicia Scott started writing when she was 9 years old, as a means of getting rid of built up anger and hurt, her form of hope to feel less depressed.  Her journaling developed into poetry although she still denies being a poet.  Poetry has helped her express feelings she would otherwise be apprehensive in doing.   

Crystal Beck AKA Navah the Buddaplii a SOUP (Society of Urban Poetry) a published poet/spoken word performing artist.  She has been performing for 18 years. She released her first CD entitled Far From Your Reality in 2000 and was featured in True Magazine describing her as "Soulfully Creative."   

Didi Delgado is a writer, activist, freelance journalist, and poet.  she is one of the fastest growing spoken word artist.  Her work has appeared in various publications including Stone's Throw, Oddball Magazine, Queen Grace and Fat Girls on a Mission.   

Hannah Brown is a Boston-based poet and spoken word artist. She has been writing since age 10, finding agency and voice through poetry.  he is a member of the collective Society of Urban Poetry, a group that strives to produce and support both written and performance poetry.  Hannah believes that poetry gives voice to closed throats, and sees it as a life-saving force.   

Cole Rodriguez - A mother, sister, friend, writer, teacher, activist and lover of rhyme.  Cole's poetic work is a reflection of her life experience and desire to tell the truth.    

Neiel Israel, Boston native, is a powerful, lyrical voice.  An artist, poet, expressionist, vocalist, and playwright.   

Lesley Ribeiro (Lribz) from Central Falls RI. was a senior at Nichols College, with a duo major in Psychology and English, her passion for writing led her to the role of President of the poetry club. Lribz is a very private person that keeps things bottled up. Poetry has become her escape, a window to her madness.  
Porsha O: Hailing from Chicago’s most southern side, Porsha Olayiwola is a woman, poet, lover, warrior, sister, and hip-hop feminist. Porsha O. intertwines the spirits of Audre Lorde, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B. Wells Barnett, and June Jordan with the bluntness of Hip Hop Feminism, creating poetry that speaks for itself (pun intended).

Marie Michaelle is a Haitian born Spoken Word Artist dipped in American culture. She believes in her work and its power to move and engage people.  

Janae Johnson, is a spoken word performance artist. Janae uses poetry slams to fuel her competitive edge; and uses writing to become a more creative, conscious and well-rounded human being.  
Quentin Lucas was born in Frankfurt, Germany and enjoyed the glamorous Army Brat life until he moved to Boston. His inspiration for poetry is essentially everything. Yet, his motivation for poetry is pain and boredom. He firmly believes that the pen is mightier than the sword. So it is with the pen that he fights them. His favorite aspect of poetry, of the written word in general, is honesty, that “being broke sometimes means feeling broken”
Nora Meiners Nora’s renewed interest in writing has her telling everyone, “Give me three minutes, and I will spoken word your ear off.”   

Blue Rose

Mission:  Healing Through Art 

Goal: is to educate, entertain, empower and encourage you to break the cycle and find your voice