The Blue Rose

Mission:  Healing Through Art 

  • Goal:  Empowering victims to break the silence and find their voice

Males and Females, Supporters or Survivors using their powerful poetry, their music or dance to break the silence and help educate.

Poets:   Kay Anderson (Daughter of Toni Rose),  Amy Doran, Nk, Quentin Lucas, Rudy Cabrera,  Neiel Isreal, Janae Johnson,  Christopher Johnson,  Porsha O,  Lesley Ribeiro,  Marie Michaelle Santil, Astrid Drew,  Nora Meiners,  Arafat,   Glenn "LUCCI" Furham  Jada, Sabrina "Phree" Claudio, Blanca Phoenix, Tiffany, Lyzz Zinn, Daria S, Madleine, Radames, J9, Sydney, Michael Bonds, Jessica Rameau, Daria Smith,  SOUP Poets: Crystal, Hannah,  Didi Delgado, Tim Hall, Jeannie Nunes, Joann Ayuso, Brother's Keeper poets:  Art Collins,  Marlon Carey,
Singers:  Maggie Leon ,  Aisling 

Dancers: Sasha Krumholz-Lynn, Chienhwe Hong 

Jenn Krapf 
has been a single mother most of her adult life. Jenn survived being a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault at the hands of her husband. 
Jenn became an accidental poet, when pursued by Blue Rose member Pat Rossi in a Facebook chat room where Jenn was spewing statistics on domestic violence. 

Jenn created and read her first poem as part of the Blue Rose Amazing WoMen Poetry Showcase. From there Jenn embarked as an advocate with the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence and a SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships) member. Soar is a grassroots task force of domestic violence survivors dedicate to lending their voices to change the systems that oppress women, while education the community about the dynamics of domestic violence. Jenn has performed in“Behind Closed Doors” a play created from real stories of domestic violence, hope and survival.
Jenn is a powerful force to be reckoned with and an amazing grandmother.
Colleen Williams
A Woman with a Purpose

Colleen Williams was born in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago.
As a young victim of sexual abuse she knew she had to find a way out to tell her story. She was determined to help others in her situation.
She came to Boston with a heartfelt wish to educate individuals of all ages. She carries this mission with a deep message in her heart, After being knocked down so many times in life, Colleen found her way back up stronger than ever.
She let her story be told by putting pen to paper as she wrote her first book “who feels it Knows it,” taking all the negative  situations that she endured in her life and turning it into something positive.

She now travels worldwide speaking to men and woman about Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse,
Suicide and teen dating while empowering them to do better and be better.
Purpose… Passion… Positivity…persistent…and Perseverance explains Miss Colleen Williams.


Twitter: Empresscolleen 

Patricia A. Martin-Rossi

was born in Providence, RI but grew up in the Edgewood section of Cranston, RI; Pat has been writing poetry since she was ten years old.  

Several life changing events over the past two and a half years have caused Pat’s writing to re-emerge and become a form of self-therapy.  As a result, Pat has been able to reveal “secrets” she has been harboring for most of her life.

She was molested as a child and raped in college!  Her writing is very diverse and sometimes very surprising to the audience!

She has a Chapbook available titled My Soul Exposed, A Collection of Poems by Patricia A. Martin-Rossi.

Her work with Toni Rose on the Blue Rose Poetry Showcase has been enlightening, encouraging and empowering, which is exactly how she, Toni, and their fellow poets hope to leave their audiences! 

The Blue Rose
means mystery

It symbolizes the impossible, or
the unattainable.
The blue rose is also used as a symbol of caution.

It expresses a need to be
The blue rose denotes the excitement and the possibilities that new
ventures bring. 

The mysterious beginnings of new
things and the excitement therein are very
nicely expressed by this flower. 

The blue rose has a certain
charm and unique mystery that does not reveal itself freely.​

The Blue Rose is me...
​Toni Rose: 

Grandmother (Mima), Mother, Daughter, Sister, Lover and Poet from Boston.

Toni is a survivor of sexual abuse. Poetry has been instrumental in her personal growth and healing.  Writing has been a stress reliever.

Toni’s poetry has a strong emphasis on the struggles of life. She paints a picture with words that can be heart wrenching truths.  

Since 2007 she used poetry as a voice to defend against abuse where she started at the Lizard Lounge and slowly started reaching other victims with her words who believed they were not alone.

Toni has been a Lead Parent with Parents Helping Parents Dorchester Care Support Group and a Co-Facilitator at HOC. A venue where parents no longer feel isolated and alone. A place where one parents struggle can aide and support another parent going through similar trials and tribulations.

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